Krispon Group

Krispon Publishing Company is a globally active open access publisher specializing in the publication of high quality journals and books across the broad spectrum of science, engineering and medicine. It is known for its diverse and innovative publication approaches in promoting and disseminating academic and industrial research. 


Krispon joins hand by hand with active researchers and authors all over the world to fulfil their dreams to share the knowledge without barriers. We publish journals in all areas of the Science, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, arts and humanities. Our mission is to lead the way in advancing knowledge for the benefit of mankind and the environment. We help institutions and academic professionals to disseminate knowledge to a wider community which help to change the world. We are trying to reduce higher education gap by providing a robust platforms and innovative ways to spread the light of knowledge to every corners of world.

We are empowering the research community by collaborating with professional associations and active researchers to disseminate inventions and discoveries that make a change in the world. We cooperate with reputed academic and scientific professionals of the research community to organize and share the contents in high standard way. The strong editorial teams of our journals help us to maintain standards and ethics of research publishing as demanded by the scholarly community. This has enabled Krispon Group to provide high standard Diamond open access publishing opportunity and support to researchers around the world.

We are committed to fulfill the passion of people from low income countries by distributing and making our journals as widely available as possible without any paywall that restricts the access. Krispon permits researchers to share the published data effortlessly and lawfully. We encourage open access initiative where, full-text articles can be posted anywhere - including third party websites, author websites, social media platforms and in institutional repositories.

We would also like to make partnership with academic institutions, other business organizations, philanthropists and funding bodies to fulfil our mission of disseminating the knowledge without walls.

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